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Rolf & Strasse - Ultraviolet C-band LED Sterilizer

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 uses Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to sterilize all your hand-held or fixed items such as mobile phones, home keys, wallets, cash, keyboards etc.

Our sterilizer utilizes small, state of the art UV-C LEDs which provide pathogen reduction without the use of harmful chemicals or mercury-based UV lamps. 

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology has been the star performer in water and air treatment over the past two decades, due in part to its ability to provide treatment without the use of harmful chemicals.

UV represents wavelengths that fall between visible light and x-ray on the electromagnetic spectrum. The UV range can be further divided into UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and Vacuum-UV. The UV-C portion represents wavelengths from 200 nm - 280 nm, the wavelength used in our LED disinfection products.